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Doodle Devils (4)

I can’t think of any other combination. Once again, I ask for a hint. It leads me to Chaos and Elements. Something new may be produced by mixing the Spell and other elements. Only the Rock works and they turn out to be the Egg, sounds like the King Monkey ^^

I explore the Egg and make the Snake (by the Worm, how come :-/) I try the Soul with the Sin and form the Inferno. The Inferno with the Soul form the Suffer. The People with the Copywrite form the Lawyer. This time, things get a little bit more interesting. What will he do with the right of properties? Why don’t we attempt to tie him with money, house, car and gambling? Oh, the results is the Greed, and three nothings T___T

I try randomly and find that the Snake combine with the Beast is the Hydra. Ew, so many heads. And the Demon with the Water make the Cthulhu (what the heck!) I try to mix the Hydra and the Cthulhu with elements. Nothing happens with Hydra. But I find the Warth is the result of Cthulhu and Fire. The Wrath and the Envy is the Murder. Murder and People make Corpse and Inferno (this game become more and more boring with fool quotes =__=) The Magic and the Egg make the Dragon. Play with Elements again but nothing happens. Dragon can burn People to Ash .__.

There are Inferno and Demon, there must be Heaven and Angel. Let’s try. Heaven = Soul + Light. Angel = Lift + Light. Then I want to mix Human with Light. There are enough Darkness around here. When the Angel meets the People, some of them become the Prayer. And when people starts to pray,  they see the Heaven and make the Religion. People who die in religion also see Heaven too. But if the Religion is right no more, the  Heresy starts to form.

The Heresy and the People make the Psychology and the Antheism. Coffee = Seed + Energy. Human + Coffee = Work (Haizzz)

Sulfur = Air + Inferno. Acid = Sulfur + Water.  Human + Acid = Suffering.  Beast + Disease = Rat.

“When the mouse laugh at the cat, there is a hole nearby”
~ Nigerian Proverb
This one have many meaning.

Fire + Rock = Metal. This one can do alot of things. Metal + Human = Weapon (why can’t they be something more useful) Weapon + Human = Blood. Weapon + Sin = Wrath.  Metal + Energy = Electricity (At last, I can light up my house. It’s getting really dark outside) Coffee + Tobacco = Poison

Sin + Sin = Pride.  “Temper gets you into troubles, pride keeps you there” ~ Proverb.

Human + Pride = Politician (Uhuh) Politician + Pride = War. “We make war that we may live in peace”. ~Aristotle

Metal + Work = Mechanism. Knowledge + Earth = Oil. Oil + Mechanism = Car. Oil + Acid = TNT


I’m so boredom. You’d better use google to search for the walkthrough. I’ll go to do somethign more useful =___=

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One thought on “Doodle Devils (4)

  1. Có người chơi Doodle Devil cố gắng ghê ha :)) Hình như em chơi sạch cả cái đó và Doodle God rồi á :-”

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