I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

To the sea

He likes sea. Since he was a little boy, he loved sea. He often went to Vũng Tàu and enjoyed the whole day with sun light and sand. He didn’t know how to swim, he scared of deep water but he still loved the sea. Sea became a part of his life. It absorb into his skin and become a feature.

When he grew up, he didn’t have many chances to go to sea. He stopped enjoying sea bathing. But he still loved to come to sea. He liked the wind, the salty scent, the sand that flew into his sandal then stick there. He liked shell and small creatures in the seashore. He liked the sound of waves tapping the rock. He liked every evening staying in coffee shop to enjoy peaceful time. He liked the light house, the mountains and fresh seafood that he rarely ate.

And he came to a faraway land, very far from any seas that he knows. Where he has to start a new life with many challenges and opportunities. He has time to do many things, and to be alone. Fortunately, he has a car and a driver license. So he can travel every where he wants.

One saturday evening, he was alone. And he had decided to go to the sea by himself. He passed the hills with grass and flowers, he passed the smoking factories, he passed the police and pedestrians. After a while, he reached a small town with a just-sky-and-sand beach. He parked near a small park then hopping along the path to the wave. There were many gulls ducking and flying, some for food, some for a leisure time after a long trip. He chased them, jumped up everytime they flew above him, yelling and laughing. He felt the wind touching his skin before moving to the land with steam and salt. Deep inside, he could hear the peaceful song of the Pacific Ocean.

He realised that he still love sea as in his childhood. And he was happy for this.


P.S.  He then walked back to his car and had some problems with his neck. It turned to be painful and itchy. He felt something broken inside his love.

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