I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

List of things, end of Mar

This is the list of things I want to do, which will give me a meaningful life. I want to save it here, update it day by day, and achieve these one by one.

Buy a huge pack of “Khô bò” and eat it all by myself !

Everyday, I hear the ads on TV about “Khô bò”. I also tried some yesterday. A friend gave me a small piece when we were watching movies. It’s not crunchy. Though they are not delicious, they are expensive. I miss “Khô bò Như Lan” a lot. Mom used to buy a big pack. Very crispy, sweet and spicy. (Ok, I’ll share with you if you guys can catch me at that moment)

Say “Thank you” to Mr. Hiền

Mr Hiền is my first advanced class teacher. He taught me physics in 7-grade (just in advanced classes) It was the first time I choose to become a selected pupil and live a different life. He wasn’t my greatest teacher who guided me to the path of success. He is, even, a very ordinary teacher (mustache, full of scar, tough with students (but not me)) he always loved me even though I moved to 8-grade and was no more his pupil. I paid a lot of time visit other teachers but never him since the time I left my middle school. Today, I watch a short movies: “The simple truth of appreciation” which encourage me to do this. It’s my duty and happiness!

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