I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Cà phê Việt Nam

Born and grown-up among coffee shops, I do have special love with them, especially those which look like ones in my hometown. I once went to a Korean one in Garden Grove Blvd. and felt very peaceful and relax. It’s pretty deserted, small, cool, dark a little bit.

But never do I have the same feeling in other Vietnamese ones.

1. My classmate

My classmate is a waitress in a Vietnamese coffee shop. I didn’t care a lot about that for I think it’s kinda ordinary. But I didn’t really catch it when she disclosed about herself: “My [something]self is lustful” – she pointed at a picture of a naked couple – “Everybody in coffee shop thinks about me like that”. And then she acted like a bunny girl.

I didn’t care about it at all. But the other day, my chums started talking about her with curiosity. I overheard some words as “You can’t believe it”, “I was paralized when I realized that was her”,…

One day. All the group decided to get to that coffee shop for star-observing. Yup, the words told everything. My classmate’s uniform was nothing but 2 stars in her nipples and a tiny thong. Other waitresses had different costume but underwear only.

I felt kinda weird. It looked like a cheap hot scene in some movies. I didn’t know what her boyfriend think about it. Anyway, she did have a muscle bodyguard who gave her a drive everyday. My chums warned each other so.

I felt as my classmate became a recreative performer in a slave merchandise scene…

2. Coffee compact system

One day, I heard about 3-contract compact system for employment. Very effective and wisely.

A new arrival is always preferable, especially those with non experience and innocent. They will be asked for the first contract – standing one. $3000 for a brand new hot body and bikini uniform for new job.

Then, they will be introduced the second contract, especially when they can’t pay back the first contract. It’s a sitting one. Waitress will sit and talk to customers for a while. It’s easy and give them the chance to earn more.

At last, they will meet the third contract – lying one. It seems to be the last one for them until they quit the market and leave more rooms for new employee.


I, then, decided to choose Starbuck as a preferable place to go. To me, coffee shop is a working place, not a gambling corner with hot chicks and terrible smoke scent.

Someday later, a man warned me: Don’t listen to your friend and go with them to coffee shop in Bolsa. You’d better pay time in studying and working”.

Needless to say…


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