I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Wishlist of May

Mr. Big I loves going miles

I want to travel to distant places. That’s why I make wishes, which will come true one day. I can foresee it because I will do it, one by one, by myself.

1. Mountain: I can see mountains in many directions from my house. They are even located in my County. Why don’t I just take a trip there and enjoy sun, sky, height and panorama? If anywhere do I head on, it’s the mountains.

2. Desert: Never in my life do I enjoy a real desert. I want to spend a night and enjoy huge starry sky. I want to sightsee and enjoy colorful desert flowers. I also want to enjoy the desertedness. Anyway, I don’t long for deadly cold or burning hot climate. Weatherman, give me a call when thing’s going well.

3. Silicon Valley: It’s a sacred place for businessman. Not too far from OC, bụt not too near to achieve without my desire. Common, Mr. Wealth, Ms. Luck, Mrs. Idea, I’ll visit you with my warmness and honor. It’s my Indian gifts to make our relationship more tight and beloved.

I do want more but save it for another time.

P.S.: I still want to go to VN as ever.


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2 thoughts on “Wishlist of May

  1. tonight (05.05) I went to the Marina and Signal Hill. Not what I want but good also

  2. 1. not climb up on a mountain, but go through and around. Also go to plâteau and fly around, watching Grand Canyon. So good.

    2. Joshua Tree Nat’l Park, Palm Spring. Mission accomplished!

    3. Not a chance to see Palo Alto even from faraway. But traveled a whole circle, pass by Stockton, Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Fremont, Oakland, … Stay 2 nights in San Jose too. That’s fine. Nothing’s perfect.

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