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Guideline for expressing emotions

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Never on my life do I think about a course that teach people about how to express their feelings. One day, this problem appears in my end-term quiz. I want to share this expressing guideline with you, my friends, in order to do a little help and for a better memorization.

If you under-express your feelings, cancer, asthma, … waiting for you. What if over-express your feeling? High blood pressure and other stuffs will take you seriously. So you need to express wisely. Next time, try to follow these steps:

1. Recognize your feelings. 

What are your truly feelings at that time? Surprisingly, we don’t just have one emotions at a time. So if we just choose one of them, it’s unfair. To recognize them will take a little time, but it’s not harmful thinking carefully before showing our emotions.

2. Choose the most appropriate language.

If you are happy, how happy is it? You have bad feeling about your friend’s behavior, how bad and what kind of bad is it? A right word would help a lot to convey your emotion.

3. Express multiple emotions.

You have been waiting anxiously for a long time until your husband shows up and says: Sorry, overslept. You start yelling and fire the fight. Get to nowhere! You are not just mad. You are also nervous and happy for he present safely. Why not let him know all of those stuffs. His respondent will be much nicer.

4. Be responsible.

No one will take responsibility for your feeling and how you show it.  Blaming after hurting people with loud voice and bad words can be very terrible then.

5. When and where.

Choosing an appropriate time and place to express your feeling is a wise way to solve the conflict. Drinking too hot or too cold water never be good for your teeth. Drinking why there’s no restroom does some harm too.

Conclusion: Emotional intelligence is not only hiding your emotions, expressing them wisely is another way.  Let’s enjoy our life in a peaceful way. ^^

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2 thoughts on “Guideline for expressing emotions

  1. em nghĩ bài này có thể đem qua sponsell được ^^

  2. good idea em. Để anh dịch ra. thank you em

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