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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

The nature of love

Love, a magical affair, that have nourished and demolished billions of soul for years is always a big question for though who start falling in love. Even a famous Vietnamese poet once said: “Đố ai định nghĩa được tình yêu” [I dare anyone to define the Love] that prove the complication and mystery of love.

But Love is not such a myth. Actually, it’s something very easy to understand, just as … going to restroom.

Calm down, men. It’s not that dirty or smelly. It can be somewhat very joyful and clearly =))

  1. Anyone needs love. Some do it many times a day. Some don’t for … err … a week. Anyway, one should make it once a day.
  2. Every house should have at least one. Sharing with the other doesn’t seem to be happy. So many of them will bring some financial problems too.
  3. Staying long enough in a strange place, people will look for one. Usually, they ask the waiter/waitress or the receptionist about it.
  4. Some walk in as a need, some just for fun. Some do it secretly, some make it out loud, some even screaming or moaning. It depends on one’s personal styles.
  5. Sometimes fluidity, sometimes solid. Sometimes stuck for a long time or go away so fast. To make it happen in an appropriate time, you have to live healthily and usefully.
  6. In love, you have to do it all by yourself. If you need a friend’s help or collaboration, it will be … err … a bit abnormal.
  7. It’s hard to tell the other about it. Some of them will be curious, the other feel annoyed, the rest hear just for fun.
  8. After doing something stink, you’d better go out for a while and wait until everything calms down.
  9. It can be as short as to-go stuff, or very long hurtful period with tear and blood.
  10. Clear it out after using or you’ll annoy the next person.
  11. Don’t forget to clean your hand and your … personal part, especially when u do it secretly. Someone  may find out the evidence. Besides, it can be infectious too.
  12. At last, It’s a natural process. Don’t force it to happen or think of it all the time. What will be will be.

Stop being doubtful or hurtful with love, just enjoy it like the restroom affair. God bless lovers.

Minh V. Le

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