I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

That’s the way he was interviewed

He got his fat ass out of the chair for an interview one day. This was the first time he went to a job interview. Never before in his life, he had had to ask for a job or been interviewed by this reason. He had always been offered one or simply made it out. So he was kind of nervous and unconfident.

He put on his suit. That’s was the most correct thing he should have done. Suddenly, he realized that was not himself that day, but himself a long time ago. He walked with straight back and long steps, his head was up high and his eyes lit up. He recalled the days that suit had been his everyday clothes. He really longed to see that day again, soon.

He jumped on his car, turned on his navigator and started … getting lost. It cost him 20 minutes to get on I-405 which only 1 mile away from his house. One that starts fluently will end happily. How about one that not?

He, soon, realized that what LA was really stand for: Lost All-the-time. And his navigator did no help this time. He couldn’t blame for it. It was overwhelmed by so much “re-calculating” so that it got mad and kicked him out of the freeway. He moved on by local streets and kept on getting lost. Thank God, he still caught the interview on time. It was the result of departing 1 and a half hour early.

He stepped into the room, welcomed by the interviewer. Sadly, he could hardly catch up with  what she said [first, on the phone, and then on the introduction about the job and company’s profile]. Another interviewee asked him a question too. So ashamed, he mad her mad too.

He received an application form to fill in. Beside the ordinary personal information, he also had to introduce his former leading experience. Luckily, He did have something to write down. Not much but enough to give him some more confidence. [Eventually, he found that confidence is something can be accumulated :D]

After then was the individual interview. He received a very simple question: “What do you want to ask?”. Oops, he didn’t have any. Even some necessary things like: “How much time do I have to work”, “When will the job start?”, “Where do I work”, … So funny [Common, it was the first time.] And they told him that they would call him in 24 hours. He didn’t believe they would, but he had learned a lot from the interview.

Now, it’s time to move on. He will try a lot tomorrow and days after, in the hard effort to find a job. And he will. God bless him


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