I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

The boy that stepped into my door

There was a boy who stepped into my front door this evening. He was about 18 or so, African American or Middle East, I’m not quite sure.

At first, when doorbell rang, I didn’t mean to open the door. I heard some scary story about crimes that knock someone’s house then rush in and attack [sometimes, victim is a cute boy just like me :”)]  But it was still early that time. So I went out [half naked], tried to look through the dense glass to see the guess but couldn’t figure it out. So I opened the door.

It was not the first time a boy appeared and tried to convince me something. Previous time, I could hardly hear what they said. But this time, I tried harder to listen. Maybe it was the way he communicate with me, pretty  friendly. He introduced something about himself and the firm he worked for. I didn’t catch it all, but I knew that he was not coming to ask for a donation.

He had something to sell. It was a kind of consumer group membership. One that purchases it will have a lot of discount in groceries, food and a basket of things. Unlucky him, even though I wanted to help him and had some bucks in my pocket, I had no more to pay for the other cool, highly-discounted, charming-a-lot things that brought by the membership. So I denied him.

The reason why he went around and tried to sell his stuffs was to help some youth have the chance to afford college. I didn’t know if it was really his aim or just a good selling skill. But me made me think about children and adolescents who have no choice but stay away from school.

A friend once told me that the education system of American was stepping down. Low budget for teachers and schools led to the soar of school fees. Students was following campaigns to struggle for that problem. Whatsoever, money is money.

Looking back at myself, I am the one who cannot afford school too. It’s time for me to conquer my fear and move on. Find myself a job or, even better, a smart way to make some bucks. A lot of things are waiting to be paid/purchase. A lot of goals need to be achieved. Wake up, fat ass, wake up and move on!


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