I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

The harmonica came !

I used to have some harmonicas in my childhood but had never learned how to play one. A couple years ago, Youtube slammed my head with tutorial clips. I decided to make use of my tremolo harmonica, which was a birthday gift more than ten years ago.

I practiced for weeks, did some research about history, tricks, artists and community about this instrument. I could even play some simple songs, just to make fun with my friends.

I had had a lot of chances to learn how to play a lot of musical instruments, but I failed them all. Shame on me, descendant of  a family with tens of musicians.

When I moved here, I left my tremolo and brought to me a brand new chromatic, a gift from a special friend. I had dreamed of one long before. I had heard that it cost at least a million [VND] or so and had given up all my hope. But then, I found one that cost much less and grabbed at that very moment.

I did love my chromatic but you get what you pay, its quality was under-expected. And I was so lazy to master it too. Last week, I passed by Barnes and Nobles and suddenly met a so cheap diatonic. Sorry myself, I couldn’t stand. All I could do was to hold myself until got home just to look for a cheaper way to purchase it. Thank God, I bought the kits that cost $9.99 [+ tax, contained a diatonic, its cover and a guide book] with the price of ~$8 [price included shipping and tax already] How happy was I.

Recently, I get used to blogging. I, soon, realized that writing about something will help you to keep fire to pursue your hobbies. I decided to blog about harmonica frequently so that I wouldn’t stop before making something noticeable.

My friends, wait for a while. I will soon update pictures of my new diatonic. So cute, and bright, and luxury.

Join me if you love your harmonica too.


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