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The two trash bins

Years ago, when my city decided to launch a project that help to classify garbage “from the source”, there were a lot of couple of trash bins, (one was gray, the other was green) everywhere.

At first, I thought it had been a very good idea that will help to reduce pollution and decrease work time of sanitary. But one day, when I came to ones that were located right in front of my school, prepared to  “do the city for the society”,  just to hit a hard wall. I recall that after minutes standing there with the leaf and newspapers that used to cover my breakfast, I wasn’t able to decide which is for which !!!

The green one had a label: “Rác hữu cơ” (organic) and the gray one was blank. I was so doubtful about what is really “Rác hữu cơ”, how about “Rác không hữu cơ” ??? What did they do that for and what should be thrown into which. At that time, I was a college student, and I wondered what did children, illiterate residence and seniors think and react. It was not so hard to predict about the future of that project.

Years have passed. I, now, moved to another nation where they are doing just the same thing. Every household (not along streets) has 2 type of trash bin: black (for every kind of garbage) and blue one (for recyclable garbage only). Some cities also have the green one for garbage from garden. People I know do follow the request of the city but not strictly. Most of the garbage end up in black bins. Sometimes, when there are big stack of papers, carton boxex or big machines, blue ones are filled too. Tin can, plastic from beverages or anything that purchased with CRV fee never appear and are sold back to manufacturers or government.

A couple weeks ago. I realized in the calendar (provided free by the sanitary) are some very helpful information about what is recyclable. In case you aren’t clear about them (and i’m pretty sure you are if you are Vietnamese like me :P) they are:

  • All kind of papers, card board
  • Tin, steel and aluminium.
  • Glass, plastic
  • Empty aerosol can and aluminium foil.

Since I know clearly about what to do and why should I do that, I feel more comfortable and willing to throw more a lot of recyclable trash in to their place. It’s one of a very simple but effective way to help protect our environment.

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