I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Society Classification

People like to classify or, more accurately, to discriminate. Our self-centered egos always put us medium and above whenever we want to judge the quality of somebody/something.

Recently, I heard a story about India society, from an acquaintance who had been there once.  I felt kind of weird to know that they were very discriminated there. People were classified so deeply that even lovers from different classes will never married, no matter what. There had been a girl who was so beautiful. With a little make up and dress up, she would have looked like any famous movies star or model. But her life was nothing but a mess just because of her family’s class. Terrible!

And this is a new clip I’ve just found on Youtube about a boy who can talk 8 languages. I think you may guess how his life was after watching.


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