I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

My very first presentation

This is my very first presentation in Communication 100 course, where I learned so many stuffs and found a lot of good friends.


Student:  MINH LE
Instructor:  Mrs. Lara Foster

Self – image:  the Sun

My name means Sun bright. I’m a tropical city boy. I have dark skin and low cold resistant. And sometimes, I’m very HOT!  :”)

Self – esteem:  the Cat

Cat is my zodiac sign, and this year is blessed by the cat too. I love the cat and its virtues: smart, fast, tough, and stress free.

Self concept:  the Student ID card

I think this is obviously who I am. A new student, very innocent (as in the picture), stable and consistent. I just start my new life with full of dream and energy. I like to be frank and coordinate with my friends.

Perceived – self:  the Magic mirror and Abraham Lincoln

  • “Mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?”
  • “Minh, you are full fair, ‘tis true. But old buddy Lincoln is fairer than you!”

I always dream of having a magic mirror. That’s why I think about myself all night, before go to sleep, to understand and try to improve myself. I often make comparison with those who are better than me to learn and to overcome them.  This time, I’m not in a good period. So I put Lincoln as my “Snow White”. When learning about his life, I feel more energetic to face my own challenges.

Presenting – self:  the Facebook icon

To everyone, I am friendly and helpful. I like to make friends and keep contact with old relationships. I connect people, give advice to anyone who need my help. I like to poke, tag, and write on the wall. (But I have no sense in graffiti :P )

Desire – self:  the $1,000,000

I wanna be a billionair, so fricking bad. Buy all of the things I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.

Ok, I don’t desire to be Bruno Mars, and I wish I found a billion bill. Yup. I want to be like this 1M bill, very attractive and powerful. I can buy anything, people want to see me, need my help, protect me, ask for me, and tons of other crazy stuffs.

Material – self:  the Library card

I’m a bookoholic. I live with books, eat with books, sleep with books, drive with books (hey, it’s audio ones) My hobbies are book shopping, book observing. My favourite sport is book lifting. And I’m doing an investigation about how to take a bath with books. I tried with goggles but useless.

Social – self:  the Start sign

I’m an businessman who have to start again. I started years ago, had some success, got some money then moved here. I tried hard but I can’t run my business no more. Everything vanishes like the frost and I decided to restart. Just never is too late to follow your goals. Now, I’m ready to learn new rules, make new relationships and try new ideas.

Spiritual – self:  the Shamrock

I’ve searched all my gardens for a four-leaf one, but failed. Actually, the thing I want to share with you is the book “Good luck” which has shamrock in the cover. 4 years ago, when I lost everything and wanted to give up. A friend gave it to me and I read every single word. That time, I learnt the most important lesson in my life: be positive and consistent and success never fails you.

Thank you class for paying attetion.


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3 thoughts on “My very first presentation

  1. Khi thầy tôi trở lại đi học, thầy vẫn đang dạy tôi.

    Even when my teacher goes back to school, he still teaches.

    Good luck teacher! :)

  2. Succinct and integral presentation!

  3. It’s just an outline for a presentation, not the presentation itself. That’s why it’s just content the atomic of what would be said
    thank you for reading

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