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Small service makes big quality

Yesterday, I stopped by Thrifty gas station for my nearly empty car. No credit was allowed. I dug deeply into my wallet then searched in every corner of my car and found only 6 bucks. It would bring me some more miles before I reached another station.

The cashier was an old man. He seemed not to be surprised by what I did. My car and me were both thrifty too :D

I came out to filled. When the nozzle was pouring, a muscle man (hispanic, I guessed) walked toward my car with a windshield cleaner. At first, I thought he was going to clean his own car or doing service. But he turned back to me and said: “Here, we do the cleaning for free.”

Looking at my bewildered face, he explained: “Don’t worry, we do it for free and for everybody”. Then he pointed out to a car next to mine, where another employee was doing his duty too.

Ảnh có tính chất minh họa

I was very impressive. I asked him whether the service was available at all Thrifties, or just that place. “This one only”, he answered “so you’ve come to the right place” as to match with what I was going to say.

I can tell that this was a first gas station that offer the service voluntarily. It’s not big deal but it makes me feel so pleased. I’m thinking about going back there more often even though it’s not the nearest filling station from my house.

Good services make good customer.

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One thought on “Small service makes big quality

  1. “So you’ve come to the right place”. Really!

    I always share the same view as you. Sometimes when I go around the city, having some coffee and still have to pay for the parking lot. Yeah it’s not about the money, it’s about the service. 2000 VND is not too big but it seems to be better if the coffee shop covers the parking lot. Hmm just my opinion~

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