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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Bitter in life

Who is the boss, me or my job?

I got a job recently and have just passed the training period. It’s a very good one that promises me a manager position to take care a whole wic store and teaches me a lot about a system in governmental retailing business. I did my first ten days with so much new experience and not much but decent start-up salary.

It’s much better than many other Vietnamese business job. No acetone and stink legs, no standing for twelve consecutive hours, no work like crazy assembly, not require good communication skill or frequently in English, full time but all in weekdays and a very willing to train employer. It can be a perfectly fit position for me this time. I like it and my co-workers too.

But in another aspect, I have to handle some strange function which proceeded and ended up badly. I felt kind of disappointed and exhausted for those troubles. Ordering and delivering inventory ended with overcharge. Managing electronic devices messed up with lack of wire and cord. Fixing devices cost me hours of calling for help and some of them still not any function after all. Hour of driving here and there empty up my gas container and my health quite fast. I felt hopeless and upset.

Every single evening, I take a nap at 7:30 or 8:00PM, to fulfill for the lack of night sleep. No fully rest at noon and staying late and be waken up early in bad mood have sucked up all my strength. More and more faults come every neglected minutes.

And the worst, when I back to my blogging business, it’s no more motivation or emotion to produce quality or inspirational contents. My plan soon becomes vague and my topics start to lose focus. Not enough, time and goal messed up, life messed up, I’m just some steps away from totally broken.

Hey, wake up! Who is the boss, me or my job? Not and never my job, for sure. It’s time to stand up, reorganize my own life, turn it into a more productive and energetic tune. That’s the mission of my life.

Even though I need money, I have another week to get balance and improve productivity. Or else, I’ll quit this amazing job, find myself another one, risk losing and giving up something for this mistake. Take it or leave it. That’s all.

God bless me with more strength and smart, please. Thank you God


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2 thoughts on “Bitter in life

  1. :) be a smart manager of your life

  2. Ok, as an emotional healer, self-beautifier, self-physical trainer and CEO I would recommend you something:

    1. Buy yourself a PDA with 3G or Wifi, you can take the brochure of any product anytime, anywhere, thus less call for help when trouble calls.

    2. Every two hours working do some stretch for your neck, shoulders and legs. You need your blood to circulate to maintain your strength. You can tell me: “I have to walk and drive around, so why wasting time do these stretches?” You have any idea when you’re working/ rushing/ thinking/…-ing you breath gets shallower, so just give 3 minutes per 2 hours for these stretch, they might help you escape the next car accident or worse with you work.

    3. Eat properly! I’m currently following the Zone diet but you just need to eat 3 times a day, seven days a week at a proper time. The most nutritious meal must be breakfast. You can have cereal but on the way to work buy a bread or hotdog, something alike with some salad. Should keep you alive with all these job till lunch.

    Eat less in lunch an lesser in the evening. You can have midnight snack/ a cup of whole-cream-heated milk before bed if you want.

    In case you’re so lazy to brush your teeth before bed or you think you would fall on the keyboard, eat/ drink some diary stuffs (cheese, milk, butter, milk-cream) or drink a can of beer. They will protect your mouth of bacteria till morning (don’t worry, your mouth smells bad, but it’s safe by the GOOD bacteria)

    4. I just you can mange your job, but about the blogging business, meet me on Yahoo! (Live a pm for timing). This comment is getting long.

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