I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Just another blog

I decided to start a program to instruct people how to set up a blog supporting for their hobbies and finance just 3 weeks ago. All I wrote there was based on my own experience from previous projects and from what I had learned everywhere. I tried to build up an rich-content, instructional and productive one which contains a lot of discussion and homework.

My project started well with around 10 members and many that concerned but didn’t have time to follow. All participants had made an agreement to follow all the rules and keep up with the program. But that’s just what they promised. Maybe I haven’t mastered the skill of online team working or hadn’t written enough good inspirational content. Up to now, there is only one blog that launched with investment of time and effort.

But to be a mentor, you should blame yourself first.  Moreover, I had enough bitter experience in struggling and blaming which led to nothing but destruction. Recall experience of a leader – the role that i had been named long before, I know deeply inside that I must lead people, not get mad or order them to do anything. So why not start by another start-up, just like what I was asking them to do in my program.

I do what I say. I decide to start another blog which is not only a good example for my friends, but also a very helpful tool for studying the interpreter class.

So, here I go!


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