I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Another evening in concert.

It’s just another evening in which he went to the concert, alone. He started to have this habit since he had known about the concert, and beautifully, it helped him a lot to get back to balance.

He had been here twice this week and learned  that: there was always old bands in Thursday and young ones in Saturday. He had experienced a low-quality show at the first time he had come due to the fact that singer and musicians were too old to sing. But he had admired them for they had tried their best. But this week, thing seemed to be upside down. The old band had played wonderfully and the young band, today, seemed to be breathless. The singer had weak voice and the guitar sometime misplayed some notes. The only memorable thing was there were some songs he knew. So he departed just after about 1/2 an hour.

Picture is supposed to illustrate only

Anyway, singing was not the only or even major reason for him to drove over there. He wanted to enjoy the air of outdoor theater and playground. He liked watching people from many races and cultures. He saw 2 ladies (not quite young as what he thought before seeing one’s half face) who enjoyed the music as him. They shaked and waved hand, clapping and yelling. He saw a very little girl who wanted to sing something and when the singer gave her the microphone, she spoke some funny thing cutely. He saw a Vietnamese mom with 2 sons, one restless, the other more docile. He rarely saw Vietnamese there. But they departed very early too. He saw a young man leaned to his booth driving his remote toy car. The man looked so sad for an unproductive day. They caught their eyes but he turn away right then.

It was such a crowded night, people were going out for shopping, eating and relaxing. And he planned for a bit working too, so he stood up, moved to Starbuck, chose him a seat on the corner and started to write…


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