I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

The lonely singer

Success is for and will be of those live with their dream by restless endeavor.

Another weekend comes [thank God] and I stopped by the small theater in Bella Tera after work. There were two differences: I was there before went home and there was an only singer with his guitar instead of an exciting bands with bass and drums.

This time, the air is a bit inappropriate. The singer was softly acoustic, very passionate with his songs while children running and yelling all around. His music might not be the style of going-out-on-weekend people strolling around there so the performance was a bit deserted. Even people presented at the show seemed not to be enjoy it as they enjoy their children playing.

But surprisingly, the problem didn’t seem to bother the lonely singer much. He was paying attention into his singing which was so smooth and beautiful. His symphonic voice was pretty touching and brought listeners who really care about the meditating moments.

He also gave free CDs which, as I noticed, were put into white paper cover and, as he introduced, sold at $15 or so. But it’s obviously a way to uphold his product. He left his instrument cover open with a small message: “Tips welcome”, just like a street entertainer.

I felt kind of sympathetic of that start-up singer, who was looking for a successful career. He tried his best, lonely and not really welcome, but he tried his best. He was potential but unknown. And that’s enough for him to hope and to try.

He inspired me a lot and I really admire him.



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