I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

The small dream

Hollywood is considered a mysterios place where famous movies-star strolling around, shopping, casting and enjoying their big lives. Me and most of my friend only see it on the screen and ads. The Hollywood sign, the Walk of fame and the Universal Studios are just to be known, not for us to put even a toe on it. To simplify, it’s a dream, a big dream.


This sign is fake :D

One day, I realized that I did not only step a toe but also walked, took picture, spent money and enjoyed a very happy time there. I could drive there by my own car, pay for ticket and see from my bare eyes these famous stuffs. I whirled around the shops and cafeteria, screamed out loud on the roller-coaster and ooh-n-ahh when water and fire beset my tram. But overall, the most important part, is I did all these stuffs togerther with my beloved mom.

Long ago, I had had a dream that I would buy my Mom something she really likes, would take her to travel somewhere she loves to and would free her from stress to enjoy a life that she deserves. I tried hard and grew up, but time, money and chance seem to never come at the same time. I had become success, I had had a lot of money, I had had the ability to do so many cool things, but I could never achieve this small dream.

Time passed, so did nimbus and money. I came back to an ordinary life and had to fight hard with the life to set my own stand. I was just an employee with mmy first small poor salary. But it helped me to achieve my small dream.

In life, sometimes we think big and do big. But all the time we have small dreams. Whoever we are, whatever we do, they are still waiting for us to reach. Don’t let them wait so long…


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