I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Empire Avenue, a new standard of blogger?

2 weeks ago, wordpress sent me an email to introduce 2 brand new websites, which attracted me a lot.

The first one, as advertised, is an application that helps bloggers to publish their blog in real world. It can help you turn blog posts into pdf file, design the cover and advertising your new books. It did inspire me to move on in my pursuing path and reach my dream of becoming an author.

The latter is even more thrilling. It gather many social networking accounts into one place to start a stock market. Social networkers, now, can have a portforlio to take care everyday. I think the idea start from another game that rocket developed (but disappeared as fast) on facebook about a year ago: Sell your friends. But this one seems to be much more better. Not only as a game, it also motivates bloggers and social networkers to spend more time on their websites and accounts (Oops, just kidding) I mean to have another incentive to write and another channel to promote themselves and their skills/abilities. I don’t know how large this brand new time consuming machine is going to enlarge, but I’m pretty sure that it will bring another breeze with some new values and rules to the blogosphere and the world of social networking websites.

Don’t want to talk a lot about this thingy, those who concern about what exactly this idea is may try it by themselves :)


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