I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

Last day at work

Last day at work, I went to the Super Kids as early as usual, took a nap while waiting for the store to be opened as usual, wore a long-hand chémise as usual. The only different was that I wore a special chémise, the “farewell” one, which I hadn’t touched for a long time.

After a couple hours trying to transfer all left-over works, I was sent to another store – the Mom and Baby. It’s great. I always loved to work over there.

Knowing that Karla, the morning shift cashier, would leave when I come back, I said goodbye to her. She often asked me about the 50% off coupon for augmentation what I had made joke to her that I could take some from my midnight customers. Didn’t believe in what I said, she called me a liar. But then she was a bit sad (I think) when she knew that I was honest. She asked me to come visit everyone when I have free time.

I then stopped by the store Feliz where my very close friend and co-worker worked. It’s Mayra, she had been trained together with me and Juliana (who I didn’t feel any sorry if I wouldn’t say goodbye to :P) She is a big Mexican friend, double of my weight and always called my name each five minutes everytime I had came to check the store’s items. She had a 1 year baby girl and drove as crazy as other Mexican I had known. We had very good time working and training together. She kept on asking me why I quit and felt so sorry about that. We took a picture to memorize our friendship before I left.

At the destination, I enjoyed a happy time doing my job and surfing the web. After all the boss did to me, I didn’t feel any guilty for not working as hard as I could. I also enjoyed a delicious Weiner Schnitzel lunch and a big ice scream. But the lonely time didn’t last long.

The accountant – Elaine, and the new data-entrier – Antoine invited me to have lunch at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. We talked a lot about everyday life (and some slander about the boss too) It’s just like an ordinary lunch of colleagues. We were interrupted by the boss’s call (OMG, I really hate it!)

I spent the evening in Super Kids with my talkative and disorder boss. She wanted to know everything about my programs which she had complained a lot, (so complicated, so confused, time-consuming uselesss stuffs, blah blah) I didn’t know if she felt that it’s a bit late to realize my own value. But I thought she did realize it, at last. I might have stayed for longer but the way she commented about what I did to help her systematize the whole business had pushed me to a very quick (and probably extremely smart) decision. After some more couples hours, she left and after promised to pay me the rest tomorrow.

The office came back to the peaceful silence. We chatted for a while and everyone went back to work even though there was  no really something to do. Elaine murmured: “It’s so sad. Everyone comes and leaves so fast. Nobody really stays”. The time was just playing its own rhythm, tick and tock.

The moment came as it had to do. I blew up a balloon for myself. I had blown up balloons almost everyday though it’s the task of the cashiers. It’s simply that I love the balloon and love to blow them up. That day, I decided to make me one and take home as a mementos. I wore my backpack, hold the string that tie the blue balloon on my hand and walked out.

I had been working there for exactly 2 months. I loved the characteristics of the job: office job, I can do very well, train me about the system and government related programs, fill some hole in my common sense, not “sweaty”, friendly and fun colleagues. But I couldn’t stand a brain-lacking employer and overtime anytime schedule. Anyway, I feel consent for what I had done and the way i had treated the others. I love (almost) everyone and I think they love me too.


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