I am "Bạc Hà"

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m back!

When this entry is visible, it means that I come back to my beloved homeland just a couple days. I wrote this entry a long time ago [late of June, to be more accurately] after watching this clip. It’s really moved and inspires me. Had been a kind of “father” and had left for a fight, I was, somehow, able to share feeling with people on this clip. I had been going out long enough. I knew there were someone who really wanted to see me again [and a company of those that the memory about me in their mind had been faded/cleared out too]

I could feel, deep inside, there was an urge to work, to fight, and to find myself a way to go back. I knew I would be able to do it. Just give me some more month.

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