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6 steps to make online time more efficient

Online is not an action, it’s a habit. Many of us spend hours online without doing nothing actually. We surf from pages to pages, skim and scroll up and down, refresh, bookmark and then … NEXT!

Source: londonlovesbusiness.com

That’s the way our time and health is spent everyday. How sad :( That’s why I’m trying to figure out a couple ugly truth and how to avoid it. God, bless me with this please.

1. Bury the Social Networking charms:

I may check it, reply all the comments, post some pics and 1 or 2 new status, scan through the status update for a while and that’s it. No refresh, no chatting around. 15 mins/day for all accounts is enough.

2. Change the bookmarking process:

Only bookmark a page after reading at least 50% of it. While doing research, keep all useful pages on the browser until I read at least 50%. Most the time bookmarked sites are barely read again.

3. Limit opening page:

Never let the total amount of pages openning exceed 5 in every browsers. The more I open, the more time I waste. Openning so much leave me very little time checking them carefully.

4. Timing the chatting:

Give myself a time for chatting. Stop scanning the list to look for someone to chat, unless it’s chatting time. More voice chat to save time and increase efficience.

5. Email responding:

Read and reply the email at the time received, unless in some particular ones that needs more time to acquire  information.

6. Let the PC rest:

Every 2 hours, let the PC rest at least 30mins. It will last longer. The bill will get shorter. And my eyes can see farther. Everyone wins!

And the last one: Practice it from today.

Folks, I just write this article to help my own self. But if you guys like it, feel free to practice and share it with your friends :D


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