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Facebook vs. WordPress

If you ask me where I spend most of my time on the internet, I will say Facebook and WordPress. Though many people think WordPress is far less interesting in comparison with Facebook, my years of experience gives me a completely opposite idea.

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Everyone knows that Facebook is a giant social networking website which has reached nearly eight hundred millions users all over the world. When someone access to Facebook, they have to login, and then the typical blue theme and logo will appear in every page they surf. They know it crystal clear that they are using Facebook. WordPress, in the other hand, is a blog which ten times less in the amount of users, to compare with Facebook. However, it provides two types of service, the hosted by WordPress blogs for registered users and the open source package for independent bloggers who want build their own websites. In the independent websites, bloggers may modify the themes and even remove the logo. Because no login is required in these websites, many of the readers don’t even know they are using a WordPress service. There are millions of websites like this in the internet now. So it would be no doubt that the actual amount of people who are using WordPress is far more than the amount that was recorded.

Today, all of my friends are Facebook users and some also have a WordPress blog. In Facebook, it is so easy to find and keep in touch with friends. I can connect to anyone I like, poke them, message them, tag them, post something on their walls and see their new status updated in my wall right away. It is so simple and popular that anyone can have an account and enjoy it hours to hours. The Facebook feature “you may know this person” even helps me to find a lot of long lost friends too. WordPress is completely different. It is easy to search and follow bloggers that one likes, but there is no way to know whether a particular person has a blog. There are only two things to do with a Worpdress blog: write a comment or like a post. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for a blogger to write an article which limit WordPress users in people who are enthusiastic about writing and willing to spend some time for it.

However, this inconvenience of WordPress is not a disadvantage in some aspects. A post on WordPress has more to say and read than a status on Facebook. Followers on WordPress are different to Friends on Facebook too. My articles on WordPress are often read and discussed by people who share the same interests with me. I have to spend a lot of time to make sure my articles are in-depth and persuasive, but I have a lot of fun discussing and arguing with the readers though. Facebook is not that formal. People complain about their boss, swear or slander on each other, threat to commit suicide or do whatever they want, no matter how their “friends” think about that. If I try to write a “good” status, it will be lost into a sea of other status right away. The only time in year I have the feeling that some people seem to concern about me is my birthday. In that occasion, my Facebook wall will be flooded with hundreds of posts. Most of them have only four meaningless letters: ‘H’, ‘P’, ‘B’ and ‘D’.

After all, I conclude that Facebook is nothing but a throng of egocentric persons who always try to shout louder than the other to get some notice. Now, I always persuade my friends to spend their online time for something more useful. Some of them seem to agree with me and start visiting my WordPress blog more frequently. So happy then!

After so many C’s and D’s, will I get a B with this essay???


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3 thoughts on “Facebook vs. WordPress

  1. Hi Minhle !
    Your C.T teacher here. This is unexpected visit for scoring.
    I agree with u that most Fb status ‘re negative. Spending time for wordpress is the better idea for thinking. I also love your blog and your entry
    So u got a “G” for this essay. It’s “Great” :)
    Thank Tuxedo for let me use this acount

  2. Mày chán sống rồi hả Tùng, bữa nay đoi leo lên làm thầy tao hả
    Coi chừng thiên lôi wánh xù đầu à :-w

  3. I agree with most of the points you mentioned in this article.
    I spend a lot time with wordpress and also a professional wordpress developer.
    Keep wriring.Best Luck :)

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